Save the date: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2012

The Global Peter Drucker Forum 2012 Forum will take place on November 15 and 16 in Vienna.

Theme for 2012 will be “Capitalism 2.0″. In a turbulent world with huge transformations under way, systemic changes in our economic and social fabric will be required to address these unprecedented challenges. Managers have a key role in accompanying and shaping the transformation towards an improved capitalist system, where market driven efficiency and the concern for a functioning society are better aligned.

Visit the new Drucker Forum Website with full Documentation online

At the occasion of the 2011 Forum we have proudly announced our new Drucker Forum Website and we invite you to visit it. Much of the Forum Documentation is online by now on this website. You will find the videos by speaker under – you will enjoy brilliant speeches from Doris Drucker, Charles Handy, Rakesh Khuran, Mark Kramer, Julia Middleton, Adrian Wooldridge and many others. Under this link please find an article by Stefan Stern summarizing his perspective on the Forum.

Stay updated in real time via Twitter @GDruckerForum

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