Peter Drucker Society Europe

The Barcelona Peter Drucker Society works closely with Drucker Society of Europe, and watches attentively the work of Drucker Societies in all parts of the world.

About the Peter Drucker Society Europe

The Peter Drucker Society Europe (PDSE) is a practitioner-led, multi-stakeholder group that is building on Peter Drucker’s fundamental ideas and ideals with the aim of contributing to the evolution of management as a vital piece of a functioning modern society. PDSE is an affiliate of the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University and part of a broad network of Drucker Societies that operate across the globe.

To fulfil its mission the PDSE is establishing Drucker Society chapters in regional locations (currently Austria, Barcelona and Mannheim) in Europe.

The Peter Drucker Society Europe and Peter Drucker Society of Austria are supported by individual and institutional members:

Each year, the Peter Drucker Society Europe hosts the Global Peter Drucker Forum, a crystallizing event where decision makers convene to discuss the future of management in a pragmatic and solution-oriented manner:


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